22nd March 2018

“Barn Owls” – Steve Harris (Wirral Barn Owl Trust)

A conservation story.

“Wirral Barn Owl Trust is a small local conservation charity and our aim is to encourage a viable population of wild Barn Owls on the Wirral peninsula.

As a registered charity, Wirral Barn Owl Trust aims to encourage a viable population of breeding wild Barn Owls on the Wirral peninsula by carrying out voluntary conservation work with the support of its members.

The work we do includes:

Collecting and collating sighting reports

Locating and monitoring breeding pairs

Nest recording and ringing Barn Owls in co-operation with the British Trust for Ornithology

Visiting farmers & land managers to publicise the problem and promote habitat creation/protection

Installing nestboxes in areas where there is suitable habitat and a shortage of natural nest sites

Liaising with local authority planning departments to protect breeding birds and to encourage mitigation for Barn Owls when farm buildings are redeveloped

Supplementary feeding (in extreme weather conditions only)” (

The attached photograph was taken by Steve.