25th April 2019

“What’s that Raptor?” – Keith Offord

Keith says:-

“Raptors are some of the most exciting but elusive of our bird groups and, because of their unpredictable behaviour, keen eyesight and fear of humans, the views we get are often no more than fleeting glimpses or distant specks.

They therefore pose some of the greatest challenges for identification and everyone, no matter how experienced, will puzzle over a raptor sighting from time to time.

This talk takes a close look at the identification of raptors in the real setting where subtle differences in wing length, speed and depth of wingbeat, stance, jizz and habitat provide the melting pot of clues which help us to pinpoint the species accurately.

All the major groups are examined with the assistance of a wealth of images taken in the field.”

This illustrated presentation will take place at Kingsmead School Hall, Betram Drive, Hoylake, CH47 0LL.  This is not a ticket event – please just come along.

The above photograph, of a juvenile Montagu’s Harrier, was taken by Keith.