23rd February 2023

Life over 1,000 feet – Keith Offord

Keith says:-

“The uplands of Britain represent a major stronghold for wildlife, often because of their inaccessibility and lack of intensive cultivation.  However, to consider “upland” as one habitat would understate hugely the fantastic diversity to be found at this altitude.

From Pied Flycatchers in ancient oak woodlands to Merlins on the high moors, this talk explores the various habitats and the wildlife to be found within.  I spend a significant proportion of each year monitoring breeding raptors for Natural Resources Wales.

This task takes me to some of the most remote parts of the Welsh moors and, with the help of a selection of high quality images, this talk examines a wide range of upland wildlife and debates some of the key conservation issues.”

This illustrated presentation will take place at St Bridget’s Church Centre, Church Road, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 7HL.

The above photograph, of a Black Grouse, was taken by Keith.