May 16, 2023

Hugh’s News – 16 May 2023

Bill found a nice Grey Wagtail at Arrowe Park.  We can tell it is a male by the all-yellow belly.  He also saw an Avocet busy feeding in the water at Burton Mere Wetlands.

At the end of April, Bill travelled to the Great Orme, a well-known hotspot for migrant birds in Spring and Autumn. He saw this cracking Dotterel, possibly on its way to the Scottish Highlands. The breast is partially obscured, but I think the bright rufous feathers indicate that this is a female.  The Dotterel is one of exceptions where it is the male that incubates the eggs and sports duller plumage.  He also had a female Wheatear.

Martin Donaldson sent in a photo of the Pied Flycatcher we saw at Glyndyfrdwy. We’d just posted the trip report when it arrived, but it is such a cracking image, we had to share it.

We didn’t find a Wood Warbler on the trip, but interestingly one was caught and ringed on Hilbre the following day. Steve Williams from the Bird Observatory wondered if the warblers were late arriving in the UK this spring.

Birds are still busy on my feeders. Goldfinch, Robin and pleasingly Greenfinch, are getting through the sunflower hearts at a huge rate, while the House Sparrows prefer the fat balls.

Blackbirds, Dunnocks and Wood Pigeons hoover up the spillage with glee.  These are all adult birds, getting a quick energy boost before going to find food for their broods – except for one young Robin. But it won’t be long before they bring their fledged youngsters to the feast.